Christmas is PROOF that the almighty creator of the universe cares about us and that we’re important to Him.

In 1897 an eight year old girl wrote to the editor of the New York Sun and asked if there really was a Santa Claus. The editor wrote an editorial in response, which has become the most reprinted editorial of all time.

Today, many are asking an even bigger question, not whether there is a Santa Claus but is there a God? And does that God care about us?

Christmas (and all that Jesus went through) is PROOF that the almighty creator of the universe actually cares about us and that we’re important to Him. And if that is true, that is surely something worth celebrating. That’s what Christmas was meant to celebrate.

But of course, in order to accept that PROOF, it is dependent on proof that the first Christmas really happened, and proof that it was as the Bible says: God coming to Earth in human form. You can see part of the proof of both of those things at You can see all of that proof in the links listed below. Therefore, a modern day answer would be: Yes, Virginia, there really is a God!

So then the question becomes: do we care about God and what’s important to Him? Is He important to us, as we are to Him? That’s why proof is important … to make God real to us, and to lead us to understand Him.  Do you dwell on these things at Christmas time?

My DVD, 10 Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True, and upcoming book of the same title (in early 2009) give proof that God exists and that all that the Bible says is true. Why Are We Here? and its Workbook also give proof, as well as an understanding of God and this life. And all of what is in those books is backed by science. There is no opinion or speculation.

The DVD and books can be purchased at More about Why Are We Here? can be seen at

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