Have You Ever Wondered WHY You Are Alive?

(See below for science proof #1)

Have you ever seriously reflected on this existence…
that you just find yourself in…
that you had no choice on whether to be here or not…
on this relatively tiny ball…
that sits on nothing and moves through space…
in a universe so large that no one can fathom the end of it…
that you won’t be able to stop your departure from?

The fact that we can barely get off of this planet says that there is something other than humans behind this existence.
But who or what is that?
And did it/they have something in “mind” when causing earth and humans to exist?

Personally I find nothing more fascinating than what I just brought up because
this is not fiction … it is real.

And frankly I, like most, want to know how to make the best of this existence while I’m alive in it.

But I’ve also been very curious as to what this is all about…
this existence of being in a human body and having to deal with drives and feelings and other human beings (individually and collectively) …
and if there are any ties to the rest of the universe or personal meaning behind it.

Amidst a very successful career in music, these were the two biggest focuses of my life … which I pursued very vigorously, going in and out of 21 approaches to truth, personal growth and lifestyle.

Now, after 40 years with the desire to know why we are here and what the best way to approach life is while we are here, I’ve come upon those answers. And they aren’t just a matter of opinion … I use science, experience, objective observation and irrefutable logic to prove what the truths are behind those most basic questions about life.

Of course this is so important that I want to share it with whomever wants to know these answers. So towards that end I wrote a book titled: Why Are We Here?

You can get this book at www.UltimateTruths.com/orderform.html.

Peace, truth and wisdom,
Dennis Marcellino


<><>Science proof #1 (paraphrased from my book)

<><>The error that the most vocal of modern science “theories” make ( … and it’s good to remember that they are just theories, which is a word that often goes unnoticed in their presentation … ) is that they try to explain everything through “physical” science. They accept a Big Bang Theory (which says that the physical universe emerged out of a tiny, very dense piece of matter) and then try to give a physical reason as to where the material and impetus for the Big Bang came from. The current prevailing theory is that it all came out of a Black Hole (which is said to be a “tiny, very dense piece of matter” whose gravitational pull is so strong that even light can’t escape it). But even with that theory they are still left with the basic dilemmas as to the origin of the universe: where did the Black Hole, which also is envisioned as being physical, come from? And what is behind the specific design that it has? And what caused it, and why was it caused?

The way these dilemmas are often dealt with is: “We can trace the origin of the universe back to a micro-second right after the Big Bang happened. But we don’t know what happened in that micro-second.” (The important additional question would be: “What went on before that microsecond?” which I’ll give a scientific explanation for in this chapter.)

So, a problem with modern science is that it limits itself to seeking an answer just through physical science. But obviously an answer isn’t emerging from that mindset. That is because the answer isn’t within the physical realm. The scientific inquiry must expand to “all possibilities” in order to reveal the answer as to where the universe came from.

So first I’m going to show why, in a search for that answer, looking for a physical explanation to the origin of the physical universe should be eliminated. I will do that by showing how any physical explanation has a major problem because it clashes with some proven scientific laws of physics. And it’s those laws of physics that will give us our first big clue that will lead to showing that God exists.

So let’s start with the laws of physics.

The First Law of Thermodynamics (also known as the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy) says that, “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed”. That is, within a “closed system” no new energy can be added in. (And the universe as a whole can be considered to be a closed system because energy has never been observed to enter it or leave it, only to be transformed within it.)

Now, we live in a physical universe that has constant motion going on in it … from the largest stars down to the atomic level. And just like it takes gas to run a car and food to run our bodies and electricity to run much of what’s in our home (which a black out will quickly tell you), it takes energy to keep up all the visible and invisible motion in the universe.

Now the Second Law Of Thermodynamics tells us that once the energy has been used up, it is no longer available to be used as energy. Logic tells us if there is only a finite supply of that energy in a closed system (there is no cosmic equivalent of a gas station), at some point it will all be used up.

What important thing does that tell us? It tells us that the physical universe can’t have a past that stretches back to infinity. Because no matter how slow the rate of energy use, over the stretch of infinity, it all would have been used up by now (because no new energy is being added in). Therefore the physical universe had to have a beginning. On this point, theology and most modern scientists agree (e.g. the Big Bang theory). Where they part is in describing the nature of that beginning and what came before it.

To me though, the solution to that is simple. If the physical universe couldn’t have been created by something physical (as the First Law of Thermodynamics states), then the conclusion is obvious: the physical universe had to be started by something non-physical. Therefore, any scientific inquiry into the origin of the universe must only look for a non-physical answer and abandon all attempts to determine the origin using physical explanations. Because even if they came up with a physical explanation, they will still be left with the dilemma of what caused that physical cause (being that all physicality has to have been caused … as is stated by the First Law of Thermodynamics, which says that physicality can’t cause itself). (You might be asking yourself at this point, “Well if there is a non-physical causer, what caused it?” I’ll deal with that question in the “Logic” chapter, but a simple answer for now is: “spiritual nature” and “physical nature” are two different kinds of realities with a different set of properties and laws governing them.)

To summarize, the laws of physics tell us that the universe had to have a beginning because if the universe was always here, all the energy would be used up by now.

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  1. imeanlife Says:

    According to a statistics, there are 430 million English speaking internet users. Are they enough to answer the biggest question? What would happen if all of them visited this website and wrote a sentence? Would we find the ultimate answer? I don’t think so, but who knows…

    Our only goal is to collect as many of these sentences as possible.

    What about you? Have you ever thought about the reason of life? Do you have a minute to do that now?

    We just need a sentence! It can be funny or serious, happy or sad, philosophical or casual. It can be your own thought or a quote from your favourite writer or just from the grocer around the corner.

    It has to meet just one requirement! It should be one of the endless possible answers to the question:


  2. Tony Says:

    To glorify God.

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