How we can KNOW God is real and the Bible is true

How can we know that God is real and the Bible is true and not just another of the many myths in this world? There are even many differing explanations of God and the Bible within Christianity. Some people might say that faith makes God and the Bible real to us. That could be true. But looking at it that way, it must be recognized that the degree of faith in this world is small when you look at how people act and vote. If a person REALLY believed that God existed and the Bible is true, they would have a total and continuing fascination for wanting to know what our Creator has communicated to us through the Bible, and a strong reverence for doing and not doing everything that God says in the Bible that we should do and shouldn’t do. And if people were actually living that way, there would be a lot less dysfunction and misery in this world, and the laws and ways of the culture would be quite different. Also, if faith was strong, we would see a lot more zeal for spreading God and the Bible, especially in response to a troubled world that badly needs them.

Therefore, having a strong assurance that God exists and the Bible is all true is not just a matter of making a personal decision to believe those things. So then what is it a matter of? That is, how we can know with great certainty that God is real and the Bible is true … especially given that God is invisible? There are three ways to have this certainty directly and not have it be dependent on something that someone or an organization said.

(1) You fully take on the experiment of living life EXACTLY as the Bible says we should, and then see what the results are in your inner and outer life. If the results are overall good and better than any other approach you’ve tried, then that is a good indication that the Bible just might be true. (My personal experiment in that way, after trying 19 other approaches first, has had great results. And the results have been SO positive that I haven’t wavered from that approach for 27 years … having a feeling of great assurance the entire time.)
(2) You can prove that the invisible God exists the same way that we prove that other invisible things exist … which is: scientifically. And you can prove that the Bible is all true in the same way. I’ve laid out these proofs in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. It can be seen at
(3) Last, and certainly not least, all of this starts with and can be continually guided by tapping into the very real and tangible experience of God’s Spirit within us. That is, the thing that is closest to us is what we experience. And if we look carefully, within our experience is continual feedback as to our every action, thought and feeling. The source of that feedback is provably God and is also perfect and therefore deserves our highest respect. A non-religious way that people often express this is by saying they have the highest respect for their “intuition” or “6th sense.” There are also other ways to experience God in a very real and tangible way. I give a step by step guide on how to do those things and also have a great assurance that it is God who you are accessing. I do that in my book How To Directly Experience God. It can be seen at

Another important thing to recognize is: WHY aren’t people MORE interested in God and the Bible, or even interested at all? The answer is: they want to be “bad.” That is, they want the freedom to engage in: unbiblical sex; abusing drugs and alcohol; worshiping the creature rather than the Creator; a spirit of rebellion and scoffing and wildness; etc. The thing that could change their mind is if they could recognize how much more love, happiness, peace, joy and social and spiritual harmony come with living life our Creator’s way and not the impulsive ways in the world and that could be coming from our “flesh.” Being that the popular cultural role models of today don’t exhibit this wisdom, a person will have to try it on for themselves, as suggested in “(1)” above. Or they could look at the happiness of media role models of the past, as exhibited in television and music, or of people they know who are properly following the Biblical model for living. It IS a better life to follow God’s ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that … so they mock what they don’t understand, and don’t realize what they are mocking is the ultimate good. That’s why Jesus said on the cross, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

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2 Comments on “How we can KNOW God is real and the Bible is true”

  1. chandler Says:

    i have an atheist physics teacher, and he teaches the Standard Model (a basic explanation of the big bang) as fact and pretty much “explains” how our universe came to be in .001 of a second from absolutely nothing. although the theory is absurd to me, how can i argue that God is the one responsible for the formation of the universe? overall, how can i see God in the things on earth that non-believers so logically explain? i’ve been struggling with this since i became a christian this summer.

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