My Basic Message

All of my work boils down to this one message (from an objective, secular perspective):

All of the problems in the world are because people don’t act in harmony with the designs in nature. I mean, if you don’t operate something the way that it was designed to be operated, then of course you aren’t going to get smooth and optimum functioning.

Nearly all of my other work is to just prove that, and the fact that our Creator/Designer gave us a book that explains everything and what we need to do to be truly successful in this life. (That proof can be found in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true, which can be seen at The meaning of life explained in detail and God’s history with us can be found in another of my books, Why Are We Here?, which can be seen at

God did not goof. In fact, He made a marvelously wonderful creation … both on the physical level and on the spiritual/experiential level. It is people who have goofed. Bad things had to be injected into the world after “the fall” so that people would be prompted to not take God for granted, and to fulfill our reason for being here: to become eligible for Heaven. But people still are pretty stubborn and distracted and most still don’t seem to get that message … even in spite of hardship.

I think back on my life and see some incredible blessings that I had … extremely loving girlfriends and a wife … a safe, loving, functional society. It was me who messed those things up because I didn’t realize what I had and took them for granted, and because I didn’t understand life and how it was supposed to be operated. So I followed my “flesh” and the ways of the people around me.

There is a thread in human behavior that on first glance appears to be bad. And that is: humans are not easily satisfied and seem to always want more. The grass is greener is an all too common theme. People are more inclined to want to be served than to serve. But the reason that I’m saying that that isn’t ultimately bad is because that is the drive that leads us to God and the fulfillment of the purpose of our temporary lives on Earth. And once we really find and unite with God, the search is over, our life’s main purpose is fulfilled. Then it just becomes a matter of purification and service to God until we die. That becomes our main purpose. And whatever blessings come our way in the meantime … fine. But being united with God in the higher purposes I described is blessing enough as a basis for life. Whatever dysfunctions we might still have a tendency to initiate must be corrected, and whatever dysfunctions we encounter from others and the world must try to be avoided or must just be endured until this life is over.

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