What I miss about the hippie days

For those of us who are old enough to remember … in spite of all of its faults (and there were a number of them), I think what I miss most about the hippie days is: a rejection of worldliness and shallowness, and a deep, serious inquiry about life and its deeper mysteries and meanings and purer manifestations … an …interest and curiosity (accompanied by a deep feeling) which seems to be greatly missing from the world today. But it was popular and even commonplace in many circles back then. In fact there was a peer pressure to reject shallowness and embrace depth. I miss all of that. OR … is it going on somewhere that you know about? www.UltimateTruths.com.

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2 Comments on “What I miss about the hippie days”

  1. Hippie Shop Says:

    Times change and not always for the better. There are small groups of people with similar thinking but the movement is gone. The hippie of the 60’s is now the Neo hippie of today values are similar but thinking is not.

    • Right. Back then it was about the excitement of discovery … reaching for something higher than the status quo. Now a lot of it is about complaining about the status quo without the higher, spiritual aspect.

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