Christmas teenager


If you have or have had teenagers or have ever been one ;-), you might be able to relate to this cartoon. One present for the parents, a pile for the kid, who doesn’t even show any gratitude.

I mean, it’s understandable that we each want life to go just how we want it to go every second and that we mainly think about ourselves and our desires. The problem is: that doesn’t work in a setting of other people, because what if someone wants things to go in a way that another person doesn’t? (For example, in marriage, parenting, business, in a society, etc.)

Therefore the first important lesson in our growth is: “It is better to give than receive” Acts 20:35. Then if everyone gives, it works, because there will be plenty to receive from that pool of giving for everyone’s needs to be satisfied 🙂

The second important lesson is that if we just focus on giving to God in obedience to His ways, then that is the best that can happen, because God’s ways are perfect.

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