Women as sex objects

The most hard to believe error of the current culture is seeing women as sex objects … and that modern women have allowed that to happen.

Here’s what I mean. If a man walks away from a sexual encounter, nothing bad can happen to him (except maybe guilt). But a woman could end up with a human being growing in her body. That’s something that she can’t walk away from. Yes, an abortion can erase that. But what a horrible experience and expense to have to go through for a one time sexual encounter. And it will leave an emotional and spiritual scar that will last for many years. Why would a woman risk that?

The answer to that is that she is trying to live out her biological drive for sex. But she’s living it out unnaturally without a marriage to support it and a mutual desire with her mate for children. And how did women allow their bodies to be drugged against its nature with birth control pills? It’s unnatural and insane that all of that has transpired in the culture. And what about the men who without conscience are willing to take advantage of women like that? Yes, the sex drive is VERY powerful. But the right thing to do is to do what the Bible says, “If your blood boils, get married.

The women of the ‘50s didn’t have this problem. There was no sex allowed unless there was a marriage. And marriage was gradually built up to with these gradual stages: going around, then going steady, a lot of romance, then engaged, and a lifelong commitment in marriage. And family and friends had to approve. In that way, a woman’s biological nature was supported, both by the culture via the Hays Code, and that sex outside of marriage was frowned upon as sin, and by her family and friends. (BTW, this is a great argument against evolution in that it shows that not only are we not evolving, we are devolving.)

BTW, I did have sex when I was 15, but I had to find a liberal girl who was proving her freedom by doing it (although it still was difficult for her). But she did end up having her heart broken because a natural guy wouldn’t feel secure with a girl who has sex outside of marriage. But guys will press girls to have sex to test them to see if they are responsible stewards of their biological trust. I probably would have married her, but it wasn’t legal at that age, and I did not feel secure with a liberal woman. (I did end up getting married at 17 to another girl, but had to go to Nevada to do it.)

BTW, as to when to have sex, it is interesting to note that Mary had Jesus when she was 14 (but not that she had sex). And that pretty much has been the norm historically throughout the rest of the world. My axiom about sex as a teenager is this: If God didn’t intend for teens to have sex, then He goofed by giving them strong hormones at that age. So then, if we’re not supposed to have sex until we are married, and yet marriage isn’t legal until 18, and yet the entertainment industries heavily promote sex … who is wrong, God or the current culture?

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