The Necessity of Uniting with and Following Jesus

• Not just because He’s a “good guy” but He also shows the “way” of a good life.
• And this good life is also the “perfect” way of marriage, family, living, etc.
• Uniting with Him is also NECESSARY to get into Heaven. “No one comes to the Father except by Me.”
• But He said that only “few” would make that cut.
• Therefore EVERYONE needs to take this seriously and UNDERSTAND WHY this is the most serious thing in this life and WHY it is God’s perfect intention.
• I personally experienced this necessary liberation only through Jesus. I fully tried 20 different popular ways of lifestyle, truth and personal growth in the world, but none of them worked in relieving my “restless heart” and unsatisfied mind until surrendering my life to Jesus. That’s how serious and exact God is in us uniting with Jesus.
• Jesus is the personification sent by God of what is pleasing to God. No other “way” or “truth” or “life” is pleasing to God.
He that says, I know him, and does not keep his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him. 1John 2:4
• I find that “few” are passionate about this MOST passion worthy topic like me, yet they are passionate about sports, family, gardening, politics, etc. above this topic and don’t recognize the seriousness of God’s standard in this life and WHY it is the MOST serious.
• That’s why my work is what it is … besides having written 8 books and made 8 DVDs and doing a lot of speeches … trying to find new ways for people to understand God’s way and the most seriousness of it and be a part of it.
• The following is a video clip that I use at the beginning of my recent presentation, and then I come on and answer the little girl’s question.
• At the end of this life, be one of the “few” who Jesus said will make it to Heaven, and don’t be one of the “many” who won’t. It might be easy to just follow our whims and the ways of this world, but then there’s the ultimate price to pay for that. Better to understand and unite with the ultimate good ways of God.

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