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Why God Is Necessary

March 9, 2012

Because I’ve developed a highly successful addiction recovery program (, I was asked in a recent radio interview if God is necessary for recovery. And if so, in what form?

I thought this was a great question, and I saw how this really wasn’t just about addiction recovery but about life for everyone.

I said that in order to permanently not have a weakness for alcohol or drugs or the many other things that a person can be addicted to, a person must be living in harmony with how their heart and body were designed to operate.

Now a person can discover some specifics of how to do that on their own or through an organization or teaching. But that doesn’t address the issue of the meaning of life. That is, is life supposed to just be a series of activities whose sum result is more pleasure than pain? Or is there a reason why we’ve been placed on this planet (we obviously didn’t place ourselves), amid an unfathomably large universe, from where we will one day be forced to leave? That is, from our creator’s perspective, is there something that we need to accomplish while we are here? And is our creator prompting us in some way to make that accomplishment?

That prompting was put well by St. Augustine who said, “Our hearts are restless until they rest in thee.” Therefore we each carry a restlessness in our heart that somehow needs to be satisfied. We can either satisfy it in its naturally intended way, or we can attempt an artificial satisfaction for it through worshiping something on Earth (like entertainers or sports teams), or we can attempt to sweep under a drug or addiction the restlessness and drown out its voice.

The rewards for satisfying it in its naturally intended way is: we set up a great afterlife for ourselves; our hearts are filled with perfect guidance, peace and love; and the restlessness goes away. And in fact, those last two indicators would be evidence that we did actually satisfy it in the way that our creator wanted it to be satisfied (which is why He made those upgrades in our heart). And in my search through 20 different lifestyles and attempts at truth, there was only one thing that created those last two indicators. And that was: a recognition that the Bible is a communication to us from God, and that only following it to the letter and making Jesus the head of our life works. And that worked for me in a way that nothing else did.

That search and experiment with life is something that we’ve each been given one lifetime to do. And then our eternity will be determined based on how we chose to go through life and what we made our highest priority and gave our allegiance to.

Dennis Marcellino is the author of THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true (, Why Are We Here?, and How To Directly Experience God (a step by step guide). These books can be seen at He’s also written two political books, The Plague Of Liberalism ( and THE Solutions (Simple, Practical Solutions To The Biggest Personal And Societal Problems), which can be seen at

What I miss about the hippie days

June 7, 2010

For those of us who are old enough to remember … in spite of all of its faults (and there were a number of them), I think what I miss most about the hippie days is: a rejection of worldliness and shallowness, and a deep, serious inquiry about life and its deeper mysteries and meanings and purer manifestations … an …interest and curiosity (accompanied by a deep feeling) which seems to be greatly missing from the world today. But it was popular and even commonplace in many circles back then. In fact there was a peer pressure to reject shallowness and embrace depth. I miss all of that. OR … is it going on somewhere that you know about?

Faith vs. Proof

February 16, 2010

Faith can be fragile, given all of the pressures and influences in the world. And it can even go away … either temporarily in day to day life or permanently (like with a lot of young people these days). But it is nice when people have it solidly … but I don’t see many hard-working disciples around these days as evidence that they do 🙂 Whereas “proof” allows a person to make a solid decision based on something that they come to see is fact. No wiggle room in their thinking as it gets challenged by all that goes on in the world. And when a person is solidly intellectually sure … great faith happens within them. And actually, the feeling of faith is given by God to those who put their decisional faith in Him. (I used “faith” in two different ways in that sentence … one is “putting trust” and the other is a feeling that God puts in our heart.) That’s the value I see in “proof”, and think that it is a foundational thing that everyone should have … proof of what the singular truth about life is. Otherwise they make up their own truth or latch onto someone else’s. And the world can’t bless a person’s heart the way God can. The formula is: the more unwaveringly sure a person is about what THE truth is, the greater their faith will be. That’s why proof is important … so that a person isn’t carrying any doubt in the back of their mind. Fortunately, THE provable truth is beautiful. And that’s why I’m so inspired to spread that message 🙂

Everyone’s Choice

February 14, 2010

I was emailed this recently:

“I would rather live my life as if there is a God,

and die to find out there isn’t,

than live my life as if there isn’t,

and die to find out there is.”

But there IS a lot of PROOF that there is a God, which can be seen at You can get to know God better by:

(1) Reading the book He inSpired – the Bible (… and proof that God wrote the Bible through His Spirit is also offered at that website)

(2)   Listening attentively to His “still, small voice” in your heart

(3)   Observing what He causes to automatically happen in your body and heart (the specifics of which He designed. I’m not speaking about things that are triggered within us due to bad programming, traumas, or wrong thinking. Although, He designed the responses that would happen within us as a result of those also.)

(4)   Observing what He causes to happen in nature (which He also designed)

There Is Nothing Greater!

January 31, 2010

There’s nothing greater than the PEACE and SECURITY of being able to fall back on a perfect, just and loving God all the time. What also is great is: knowing that incredibly pleasurable states exist that are so beautiful that they are not only greater than anything that we’ve experienced, but they are beyond anything that we can imagine … and the Bible says that they are in our future.

(The degree to which we have that peace and security is the degree that we haven’t any doubt that what was just said is all true, added to the degree that we have PROOF that it is all true. Towards the end of eliminating doubt and increasing proof and confidence that everything in the Bible is true, this has all been PROVEN to be true … even scientifically, and beyond any doubt … in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true, which can be seen at And in my book, How To Directly Experience God … A Step by Step Guide, I also show how it can be proven to each of us experientially. That book can be seen at or individually ordered at

A Christmas message: The Ultimate Gift

December 16, 2009

It’s good to remember (and even dwell on) what Christmas is really about. That is (in objective terms), Christmas is to celebrate the fact that the creator of the universe and us cared about us so much (despite our sins and how many ignore Him) that He entered this planet and endured what He did just to make a way for us to eventually go to a better place (Heaven and the New Earth).

If you really dwell on the reality of what I just said … a dwelling that has unbelievably diminished over the years in the “mainstream”, being lost at Christmas time among presents and mistletoe and songs about snow and reindeer and things that have nothing to do with Christmas … it will hit you as to how totally awesome and personally relevant the reality of Christmas is.

Also, dwelling on the personal inevitableness of death is helpful in getting us to focus on God and merge with reality. And if you dwell on it, you will experience the fact that you are at the mercy of God. Then you can be open to the good news that He’s made a way for you to come out for the better. And celebrating that is what Christmas has always been about (until modern times).

Don’t gamble with your eternity or let the noise and parade of ultimately meaningless things in this world keep you from seeing the greatness of our creator and His plan and how we can be a part of it. When you realize it and it’s proven* to you, then you’ll really have something great to celebrate at Christmas … the thing that for centuries past, people have been celebrating. (* The Science of Logic says that what I’m saying here is either true or it isn’t. The PROOF that it is can be found at

10 Reasons To Celebrate Christmas

(1) The invisible made itself visible in human form.

(2) Jesus left us with teachings of the greatest wisdom ever.

(3) Jesus left supernatural proofs of His deity.

(4) Jesus’ work and sufferings made a way for us to go to a perfect Heaven.

(5) Jesus, along with the co-workers He inspired, who were eyewitnesses of His works, started churches to hand all of the above down to us.

(6) Jesus revealed many mysteries not previously known.

(7) Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to reveal to us the meanings of His teachings and to guide and empower us towards perfection.

(8) Jesus loves and cares about us so much that He endured/endures how harshly many in this world responded/responds to His total, unwavering honesty and goodness and His work to get His messages out … and now He stands knocking at the door of every heart offering a great relationship and future.

(9) Jesus is the greatest of all leaders who have ever been because He sets and holds to such a high standard of good, has the power to back it up, and is someone we can follow and join in with His great plan (among all the lesser leaders and possibilities on Earth.)

(10) Because of Him there are many ongoing churches and organizations to plug into for holy fellowship (among lesser options on Earth).

Why EVERYONE should be concerned

December 3, 2009

An entry thought on a personal level for a non-believer in the Bible or a marginal believer is: sin MUST BE PUNISHED. That feeling is built into most people and laws … but by the standards that are foundational to our feelings and laws. But sin must also be punished by our Creator’s standards (which are much stricter and are spelled out in the Bible) BECAUSE He made this to be a perfect, loving place. That was His only intention. But fear not, because He knew that ALL people would sin. And because He loves us and wants us in the next perfect place (this one having been a failure in terms of perfection and love), He made a way for us to be there. And that way is: placing His representations on Earth (Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Bible) at the top of our priority list and ongoing focus. But, even if we do that, the Bible says that there will be rewards and losses in Heaven for EVERYTHING we’ve done on Earth.

Now the science of logic says that what I just said is either true or it isn’t. The proof that it is true can be found in my new book, THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. You can see it and what’s in it at

Don’t gamble with your eternity.

EVERYONE’s Ultimate Predicament

October 13, 2009

A big problem is that many people are so caught up in their lives and feelings that they don’t recognize their ultimate predicament.

Or maybe they don’t want to look at it because they aren’t sure what the truth about it is.

People usually don’t reflect on the fact that they are here by the grace of God, and are allowed to stay here also by His grace … while He continues every second to beat our heart and breath our lungs (in addition to all of the other automatic body functions that we aren’t directly involved in).

But most people’s attention isn’t usually on Him. It’s on the distractions of the world. They give little or no importance or attention to God, not recognizing that they are a part of HIS creation and plan, whether they want to be or not.

But because their attention is not on God and is on other things, the day of their death might prove to be disastrous. Luke 21:34 “Beware that your hearts do not become drowsy” (i.e. spiritually asleep, dulled) “from indulgence and drunkenness and the cares of daily life, and that day catch you by surprise like a trap.”

Therefore, a big part of my work is about PROVING what THE Truth is … so that people can know how to have assurance and understanding about what the truth about reality is and what their predicament is (which is: they are in a human body temporarily and their eternal fate and quality of experience now is determined by how they’ve chosen to respond to God and their life now).

My work is also to PROVE what God’s plan is, so that people can UNDERSTAND their ultimate predicament and then know how to give a good response, which is: submit their free will to being not an autonomous individual, but being a part of God’s plan. And that “good response” includes helping to promote His plan and ways.

Those proofs and understanding can be found at and

Revelations 3: 14//17 “The source of God’s creation, says this: “I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. So, because you are lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth. For you say, ‘I have no need of anything,’ and yet do not realize that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.”

Romans 12:11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.”

The question to ask yourself is: are you so caught up in a pursuit of pleasure or in the mundane things of life that you are not seeing the bigger picture or responding to it? People die every second without having ever properly connected with God (on His terms) and then have to suffer the consequences for taking that approach. This is why Jesus said that the gate to Heaven is narrow and few will find it, but instead many will travel through the gate to destruction.

So regarding how you choose to respond, Clint Eastwood’s statement might apply: “Do you feel lucky?”

(Sorry that this email had such a dire warning, but people need to hear that message too, because it is reality. I mean, if the Bible isn’t true in ALL that it says, how can we have assurance that it’s true in anything that it says … including Heaven, prayer, etc.? That’s why I’ve written books to prove that it’s all true.)

My Basic Message

June 2, 2009

All of my work boils down to this one message (from an objective, secular perspective):

All of the problems in the world are because people don’t act in harmony with the designs in nature. I mean, if you don’t operate something the way that it was designed to be operated, then of course you aren’t going to get smooth and optimum functioning.

Nearly all of my other work is to just prove that, and the fact that our Creator/Designer gave us a book that explains everything and what we need to do to be truly successful in this life. (That proof can be found in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true, which can be seen at The meaning of life explained in detail and God’s history with us can be found in another of my books, Why Are We Here?, which can be seen at

God did not goof. In fact, He made a marvelously wonderful creation … both on the physical level and on the spiritual/experiential level. It is people who have goofed. Bad things had to be injected into the world after “the fall” so that people would be prompted to not take God for granted, and to fulfill our reason for being here: to become eligible for Heaven. But people still are pretty stubborn and distracted and most still don’t seem to get that message … even in spite of hardship.

I think back on my life and see some incredible blessings that I had … extremely loving girlfriends and a wife … a safe, loving, functional society. It was me who messed those things up because I didn’t realize what I had and took them for granted, and because I didn’t understand life and how it was supposed to be operated. So I followed my “flesh” and the ways of the people around me.

There is a thread in human behavior that on first glance appears to be bad. And that is: humans are not easily satisfied and seem to always want more. The grass is greener is an all too common theme. People are more inclined to want to be served than to serve. But the reason that I’m saying that that isn’t ultimately bad is because that is the drive that leads us to God and the fulfillment of the purpose of our temporary lives on Earth. And once we really find and unite with God, the search is over, our life’s main purpose is fulfilled. Then it just becomes a matter of purification and service to God until we die. That becomes our main purpose. And whatever blessings come our way in the meantime … fine. But being united with God in the higher purposes I described is blessing enough as a basis for life. Whatever dysfunctions we might still have a tendency to initiate must be corrected, and whatever dysfunctions we encounter from others and the world must try to be avoided or must just be endured until this life is over.

How we can KNOW God is real and the Bible is true

May 30, 2009

How can we know that God is real and the Bible is true and not just another of the many myths in this world? There are even many differing explanations of God and the Bible within Christianity. Some people might say that faith makes God and the Bible real to us. That could be true. But looking at it that way, it must be recognized that the degree of faith in this world is small when you look at how people act and vote. If a person REALLY believed that God existed and the Bible is true, they would have a total and continuing fascination for wanting to know what our Creator has communicated to us through the Bible, and a strong reverence for doing and not doing everything that God says in the Bible that we should do and shouldn’t do. And if people were actually living that way, there would be a lot less dysfunction and misery in this world, and the laws and ways of the culture would be quite different. Also, if faith was strong, we would see a lot more zeal for spreading God and the Bible, especially in response to a troubled world that badly needs them.

Therefore, having a strong assurance that God exists and the Bible is all true is not just a matter of making a personal decision to believe those things. So then what is it a matter of? That is, how we can know with great certainty that God is real and the Bible is true … especially given that God is invisible? There are three ways to have this certainty directly and not have it be dependent on something that someone or an organization said.

(1) You fully take on the experiment of living life EXACTLY as the Bible says we should, and then see what the results are in your inner and outer life. If the results are overall good and better than any other approach you’ve tried, then that is a good indication that the Bible just might be true. (My personal experiment in that way, after trying 19 other approaches first, has had great results. And the results have been SO positive that I haven’t wavered from that approach for 27 years … having a feeling of great assurance the entire time.)
(2) You can prove that the invisible God exists the same way that we prove that other invisible things exist … which is: scientifically. And you can prove that the Bible is all true in the same way. I’ve laid out these proofs in my book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. It can be seen at
(3) Last, and certainly not least, all of this starts with and can be continually guided by tapping into the very real and tangible experience of God’s Spirit within us. That is, the thing that is closest to us is what we experience. And if we look carefully, within our experience is continual feedback as to our every action, thought and feeling. The source of that feedback is provably God and is also perfect and therefore deserves our highest respect. A non-religious way that people often express this is by saying they have the highest respect for their “intuition” or “6th sense.” There are also other ways to experience God in a very real and tangible way. I give a step by step guide on how to do those things and also have a great assurance that it is God who you are accessing. I do that in my book How To Directly Experience God. It can be seen at

Another important thing to recognize is: WHY aren’t people MORE interested in God and the Bible, or even interested at all? The answer is: they want to be “bad.” That is, they want the freedom to engage in: unbiblical sex; abusing drugs and alcohol; worshiping the creature rather than the Creator; a spirit of rebellion and scoffing and wildness; etc. The thing that could change their mind is if they could recognize how much more love, happiness, peace, joy and social and spiritual harmony come with living life our Creator’s way and not the impulsive ways in the world and that could be coming from our “flesh.” Being that the popular cultural role models of today don’t exhibit this wisdom, a person will have to try it on for themselves, as suggested in “(1)” above. Or they could look at the happiness of media role models of the past, as exhibited in television and music, or of people they know who are properly following the Biblical model for living. It IS a better life to follow God’s ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know that … so they mock what they don’t understand, and don’t realize what they are mocking is the ultimate good. That’s why Jesus said on the cross, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”