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Robin Williams’ suicide … a different take

August 13, 2014

I’m writing this article because I don’t think we’re seeing the real reason for Robin Williams’ suicide being addressed in the media. Here is what I think is being missed.

The fact that Robin Williams committed suicide implicitly said that he made a decision that he didn’t want to be Robin Williams anymore.

The tendency in evaluating that is that he wanted to escape from an alcoholic inclination, or that he wanted to no longer experience the physical suffering from depression, from which he couldn’t envision a solution, even though he tried rehab clinics and had the money to avail himself to the best psychiatrists. That alone says something about the state of psychiatry and how ineffective it is. And it is scandalous that a country only legally endorses a failed psychology system (as opposed to a Biblical solution, which I personally know works). And it is not only scandalous but heartbreaking in a nation where there are 108 suicides every day. I mean a suicide says that no solution can be found to the torment a person goes through. But there IS a solution and I wish that I could have talked to Robin Williams and anyone else who is contemplating suicide (which I do through my books and have gotten feedback that suicides have been prevented with them).

So then what was the real reason for Robin Williams’ depression? There is the accepted norm to see depression as a purely physical reality that must be dealt with with physical treatments. But that physical state doesn’t appear out of a vacuum. Like another physical malady, obesity, it had to build over time. Therefore its causes must be backtracked and eliminated. But unlike obesity, I think that depression has a quicker cure (which I spell out in my program at

Setting that cure aside for the moment, what then were the roots of Robin Williams’ depression? Having been in the entertainment industry for many years, I know that there is a pressure to be “on” all the time. And in Robin Williams’ case, that “on” was a very hyper state of being. And that’s what people expected from him. But that state had to be VERY exhausting. And it is especially a dilemma when you don’t feel it … but simultaneously felt a fear to not want to disappoint people. And that continual exhaustion could be very depressing. Therefore, like most entertainers, they get backed into a corner by their public persona and are trapped in this state of being on. And in his particular case, you hear the mourners now say how happy he made everybody. Therefore he couldn’t show his unhappiness (which should have been evident to everyone by the fact that he checked himself into rehab clinics). I mean, why do people drink and use drugs? The answer is: they are trying to change their state. And what they are trying to change is an undesirable (either by themselves or the public) aspect of their state. But there is a natural way to change that. But the person who uses alcohol or drugs doesn’t see that and yet deems the inner pressure to “perform” for others as being mandatory (which could be an aspect of anyone’s life). And part of Robin Williams’ performance didn’t include the anger he felt over his divorces. And that is something that he had to keep bottled up because, as the eulogies are saying, “he just brought happiness to others, and that will be missed.” But obviously, keeping up that happy performance didn’t allow him to be what he was really feeling. He might have just felt alone in that … which would have opened up another can of worms that this nation isn’t ready for … why there is so much divorce (which the Bible also has the solution for).

And this is where the political aspect of this picture comes in. The solution to all of this comes down to understanding how the body, mind and heart we’re in were designed to operate. And this is a design that we have little power over. Therefore the solution is to learn what that design is and then flow with it … not try to manipulate it to what we or others or the general state of peer pressure expect it to be. There’s a line in a song that expresses this well: “Wonderful is what you’ll feel in you when you do the things you were made to do.”

But the problem happens when people feel like they have to be certain ways that are against that design. Another line from an old commercial says, “It’s not nice to fool mother nature.” And although people can micromanage their feelings and actions against nature, that takes a toll. And eventually a person might decide that they don’t want to experience that toll anymore and they choose to opt out in the only way they can figure out to escape it … suicide.

Unfortunately the society has deemed to not endorse what I’ve found to be the cure for this … getting in harmony with the design of our being … which is nailed in the Bible. The say that that is religious, and separation of church and state, blah, blah, blah. The fact is though, that is an objective, not religious solution. That’s why a big part of my work is to show that the Bible is objectively a book of truth, which can be scientifically proven.

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