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Waiting On God

January 16, 2013

God told Abram that he would have son by his own biological seed. Abram and Sarai doubted because of their age. So they proceeded to give Abram an heir by having him have a baby with Sarai’s maid servant, Hagar. That son was Ishmael, who became the father of the Arab nations. But by them taking things into their own hands, a lot of havoc was caused, both then and to this day. And that’s all because they didn’t trust God to fulfill His promise. Their own personal logic got in the way. Also, the polygamous tradition of the times made them feel that their plan was okay.

Well, we often are in the same situation. God has made many promises to us in the Bible. So do we get impatient and forge ahead with our own way? Or do we wait on God? Do you believe that God will keep the promises He’s made to us in the Bible? The Abram/Sarai/Ishmael/Isaac situation shows us what the wisest approach is.