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Putting the Duggar incident into a “natural” perspective

June 7, 2015

To put the Duggar incident into a natural perspective, let me say 3 things.

(1) We are in a 2 gender reality as human beings. Therefore there is going to be some curiosity, usually starting between 10 and 12 years old. When I was growing up, boys and girls mutually shared in satisfying this curiosity.

(2) If God didn’t intend for young teens to marry, then he goofed by giving them hormones then. He didn’t goof. The current society is the one that is “goofing” – that is, it is out of harmony with nature. I started having sex at 14 and got married at 17. I was strongly driven to fall in love and do both.

(3) If #s 1 and 2 here are going to be satisfied, and yet there should be no sex outside of marriage, then marriage needs to happen at the age that hormones come on. But that has been the way throughout most of history and most of the world. For example, Mary was 14 when she married and gave birth to Jesus. My main thoughts and feelings as a young teen were: falling in love and sex. That’s just what appeared within me, not as an action of my will. Both of those drives are SO powerful, they cannot be suppressed. And because they aren’t treated naturally in the current culture, we have the world that we live in and its sex problems and broken hearts.

The solution? Young people need to be made mature so they can fall in love and get married. The ’50s were much more mature than now. Of course that would prove to be very difficult in the current moral climate. And God has given the exact instructions on how to create that maturity. There is no maturity without being in harmony with His Bible and Spirit. The economy needs to make it so that the husband can support a family (plus the wife can work out of the home, like in Proverbs 31). Part of that would be to realize that only few jobs/careers require college. Everything else should just be apprenticeships. Otherwise we are just fighting nature and nature’s God.

I should also mention the beauty behind God’s plan of 2 genders – that human beings would learn how to become one, and at least be confronted with one proving ground where that could happen: a marriage between a man and a woman 🙂

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